Completed Project: Lise Lacaille, artist

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This week, we completed a website for a very talented painter, Lise Lacaille.

In particular, her newest (contemporary) collection displays moments of reflection, joy, anguish and pride. Her theme is mainly based in moments in the lives of dancers.

She makes use of vivid colors and masterful color schemes to set a mood for the subject of her paintings.

Lise also wished to display her older “classic” collection. It consists of moments set in more social settings; casinos, bars, cafés, etc. The colors of this collection are very vivid and lively.

Two main elements formed the basis of our website proposal; the Revolution slider and the Lightbox 2 gallery.

For the front-page slider, Lise chose 6 paintings to be displayed in a perpetual loop. They really set the mood for the visitor’s experience.

For the two galleries (classic and contemporary), we used Lightbox 2, this permits the user to zoom in on a full-screen version of each work and scroll between all images on the page. It has a fun effect of resizing itself based on the dimensions of the full-sized image of the painting.

It was an enormous pleasure working with Lise and her partner René. They knew exactly what they wanted from their new website.

They are also planning on blogging soon, so we are planning a follow-up training course on writing efficient blogs.

One last thing to mention is that Lise is based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It was a new experience to be in touch with the client strictly through email and Skype calls. All files were handed off through Dropbox. It was a really great experience to have the all our project resources over the web.

Check out this link to Lise’s website: Lise Lacaille

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