Completed Project: Motivimage

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Looking back, we had a rather unique experience working on this project. Motivimage ( is a Montreal-based company that produces motivational and self-hypnosis recordings. Our mandate challenge was to develop a purchase process that would permit the company to sell their recording right from the website.

Our solution was to incorporate Woocommerce. Admittedly, we are huge fans of this e-commerce solution. The main reason why is that the core plugin has many add-ons that can be customized according to the needs of the transaction process. In this case, the only required functionality was the ability to process the order, confirm payment with PayPal and then send a link to the client to permit the mp3 download.

The process worked beyond our expectations and was rather easy to implement. We could even customize the Woocommerce email templates, changing its color palette and incorporating the company logo.

All in all, the project was a rousing success and gave us a brand new learning opportunity in e-commerce.

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