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Displays details about the projects completed by les Médias K-Logik

Completed Project: Motivimage

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Looking back, we had a rather unique experience working on this project. Motivimage ( is a Montreal-based company that produces motivational and self-hypnosis recordings. Our mandate challenge was to develop a purchase process that would permit the company to sell their recording right from the website.

Our solution was to incorporate Woocommerce. Admittedly, we are huge fans of this e-commerce solution. The main reason why is that the core plugin has many add-ons that can be customized according to the needs of the transaction process. In this case, the only required functionality was the ability to process the order, confirm payment with PayPal and then send a link to the client to permit the mp3 download.

The process worked beyond our expectations and was rather easy to implement. We could even customize the Woocommerce email templates, changing its color palette and incorporating the company logo.

All in all, the project was a rousing success and gave us a brand new learning opportunity in e-commerce.

Completed Project: Lise Lacaille, artist

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This week, we completed a website for a very talented painter, Lise Lacaille.

In particular, her newest (contemporary) collection displays moments of reflection, joy, anguish and pride. Her theme is mainly based in moments in the lives of dancers.

She makes use of vivid colors and masterful color schemes to set a mood for the subject of her paintings.

Lise also wished to display her older “classic” collection. It consists of moments set in more social settings; casinos, bars, cafés, etc. The colors of this collection are very vivid and lively.

Two main elements formed the basis of our website proposal; the Revolution slider and the Lightbox 2 gallery.

For the front-page slider, Lise chose 6 paintings to be displayed in a perpetual loop. They really set the mood for the visitor’s experience.

For the two galleries (classic and contemporary), we used Lightbox 2, this permits the user to zoom in on a full-screen version of each work and scroll between all images on the page. It has a fun effect of resizing itself based on the dimensions of the full-sized image of the painting.

It was an enormous pleasure working with Lise and her partner René. They knew exactly what they wanted from their new website.

They are also planning on blogging soon, so we are planning a follow-up training course on writing efficient blogs.

One last thing to mention is that Lise is based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It was a new experience to be in touch with the client strictly through email and Skype calls. All files were handed off through Dropbox. It was a really great experience to have the all our project resources over the web.

Check out this link to Lise’s website: Lise Lacaille

Completed Project: Wild Sphynx Cat Breeders

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We are on the verge of completing a website for Wild Sphynx. They are a Mercier, Québec-based cat breeding business run by a mother and daughter, Nancy and Marianne Lapointe.

Wild Sphynx logo

About the project

Once more, we gave ourselves the challenge of exploiting the tools we had at our disposal. And it was a real pleasure to go through this veritable toy box of design tools. This time we upped our game by integrating video to the website. Basically, we added a short 1 minute 20 seconds video of her cats. With the integration of text and image animations, it is quite impressive.

Once again, it was a great pleasure to work with this customer. It always is when there is passion for the business that we are showing off through the website. Nancy was very clear as to what she wanted in regards to the esthetic and functionality of the website. She demanded a photo gallery and we found a quite functional solution for her. It permits browsing through the photos posted on the website, and also doubles as a slideshow.

In addition to that, we created many parallax sliders containing famous quotes about cats. There will also be blogging to announce new kittens and to reach out with photos and general news. Oh yeah, and the site is completely bilingual. In the past, we had had issues regarding certain elements not translating to the second language, but these were overcome through a little bit of “sneaky” coding.

We also assisted in setting up their social media connections and provided training in the use of blogging functions. With the enthusiasm that we witnessed, there is no doubt that the new website will serve Wild Sphynx quite well.

Check out this link to their website: Wild Sphynx

Completed Project: Learner’s Corner

We just completed a website for the Learner’s Corner. They are a Montreal-based company offering tutoring services in Math and English as a Second Language to primary and secondary school students.

Learner's Corner logo

This project was quite fun for us. First of all, it gave us the opportunity to play with many aspects of website design. Rima Eyyi, the director of the Learner’s Corner, contacted us with this project and explained the scope of what they required. We realized immediately that her requirements corresponded perfectly with our design esthetic and functionality expertise.

Over the course of our two in-person meetings and our several phone conversations, we had the freedom to explore many layout options. We used multi-column sections, customized footer sections and, the most creative element of them all, the parallax frame. The whole site took about 30 hours to complete. It contains SEO analysis tools, social media integration, some really cool looking parallax slideshow layouts, Google map integration and a contact form.

The project also provided an opportunity to provide user training for the medium and long term maintenance of the website. Rima was quite inquisitive and had many questions with very practical applications in the future development of the website. It is always a pleasure for us to meet with this type of customer. They have a very clear vision of the elements their website should contain, what the overall esthetic theme will be and how they plan to use the site as a powerful marketing tool. This includes the integration of an SEO tool, its use of the Google Search console and social media publishing.

Therefore, we’re sure that Learner’s Corner is off to a great start in their web marketing strategy. With a steady stream of blog entries, they’ll be able to direct traffic to the website and generate interest in their services. All these factors will certainly contribute to the success of their enterprise.

Check out this link to their website: the Learner’s Corner