E-Commerce Retail Sales

Does your company sell actual products? Would you like to bring its inventory online and reach a wider market of potential customers? This is where K-Logik Media can provide some of the most powerful tools to help your business:

  • Online catalogue: We can help you build a very visually appealing online catalogue. Through the use of image or video galleries, you can show your customers what you are selling, provide technical specifications and any other information that they might require. And it is all accessed at the click of the mouse.
  • Online Transactions: We build all the features required for online transactions right into your commercial website, including:
    • Use of an online shopping basket that automatically keeps track of items tagged for purchase, as well the total purchase value.
    • Calculation of sales taxes, if they apply.
    • Calculation of shipping rates. This feature offers the purchaser several options for shipping, with their respective rates.
    • Embedded payment processing. There are several options possible; PayPal, credit card transaction plug-ins, cheque payment options, etc.